Will ‘Empire’ stream on Netflix in 2015?

Review Ethan / 2023-05-04 07:33:32

2015. 2015 was a fantastic year for cable and network television, but mostly with the addition of follow-up seasons to existing stories. Empire is one of the true brilliant new IP’s that’s graced our screens in 2015. Airing on Fox the new show ‘Empire’, which sees Terrance Howard make his transition from movies to TV series as he stars as Lucious Lyon, a drug dealer turned entertainment industry CEO.

If you’re a hip hop music fan, an entertainment industry fan or even a fan of vast media empires then this is the series for you as Lucious fights illness and an ex-wife to keep his empire afloat. It’s a great series and one that Fox desperately needed.

However, with the announcement of the renewal of Empire for season 2 expected to air sometime in early 2016 the question has been lingering as to whether we’d be getting Empire on our Netflix streaming subscriptions any time soon. Hulu will soon be adding the series to their exclusive library, according to reports.

A Hulu statement says that they’d have exclusive streaming rights for all past and future episodes. This deal was not surprising, given Fox's large share of Hulu shares. The deal should naturally work. However it’s a big blow for those who wanted Netflix to stream Empire in 2015.


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