Will Netflix’s ‘Losers’ Docuseries Return for Season 2?

Review Ethan / 2023-01-01 00:08:36

Losers, the Netflix documentary series first released on Netflix on March 1st, 2019 but we’ve yet to hear about the future of the docuseries. We learned today that the creator was interested in a second season, but is still waiting for Netflix to confirm.

Just to catch you up in case you missed this documentary gem in March, it’s a sports documentary but not a typical one. Typically, documentaries and docu-series on sports tend to focus only on the winning teams. This film tells the stories of losers.

This eight-part series examines various sports, the runners-ups, and so-called losers. The series features some of the most prominent faces, including Surya Bonaly and Pat Ryan as well as Jack Ryan and Jean van de Velde.

Reddit user Mickey Duzyj answered some questions about the series this week. He revealed some of the inspirations behind the show and possibly most importantly, he answered whether pineapple should be on a pizza saying: “Pizza pineapple polarizes the critics, which I’m into. I’ll eat it but never order it”.

While the show’s quality is never in doubt, the series has become a sleeper hit and it’s no surprise given it drowned under almost 100 other new releases on March 1st.

Is there a second season of Losers?

At the time this article was published, it is official that the series has been cancelled.

Creator expressed interest in the idea and suggested where it might go. He first said, answering to a question simply put as “season 2?”, “Would love to! But I have no news to share on that front.”

Docuseries have been a bit hit or miss with new seasons and when they do get renewed, it’s often not keeping with an annual schedule.

Mikey teased another season via Twitter:

Do you want to see Losers return for another season on Netflix? Leave your comments below.


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