Will ‘One Tree Hill’ Return to Netflix in 2018?

Review Ethan / 2023-04-04 01:44:21

One Tree Hill was removed from Netflix US in October 2017 and we’re going to take a look at the possibility of it returning to Netflix during 2018. We’ll also take a look at what you can do to get your voice heard by Netflix as well as look at the alternative streaming options available for the show.

Netflix has seen a lot of high-profile departures in 2017. One Tree Hill was removed from Netflix on October 1, 2017. This also meant that many Fox series like Malcolm in the Middle and Prison Break were also removed. Netflix is currently removing mainly older titles from its library, and One Trill Hill was one of them.

The popular drama series hasn’t now been on our screens for over five years after it ended after nine seasons. The show has recently come up in the news again thanks to the showrunner being involved in the ongoing Hollywood sex scandal but we won’t delve into that.

To answer the original question, there’s limited to no chance that Netflix will decide to bring back the show unless it’s in the form of a reboot. Netflix’s revised strategy in recent years has been to both create their own content, prioritise getting newer content or newer content exclusively. Since One Tree Hill doesn’t fit any of these descriptions, it’s unlikely it’ll be re-added.

Netflix is the only place where you can stream One Tree Hill.

Since it’s removal from Netflix, it’s yet to find a permanent home on any of the other mainstreaming providers. It’s available on demand at Amazon and Hulu, which was the recipient of the aforementioned Fox titles, also is yet to carry the show. You can only stream it through the official CW App.

What happens to other The CW titles?

Not at all but it’s likely older titles that no longer get new seasons every year will continue to depart from Netflix. As Netflix has to renew licenses on a yearly basis, keeping older shows which tend to have fewer viewers makes less financial sense than investing a new show with the network’s marketing thrown behind it.

Are you looking to make an impact? The petition to Netflix to re-add the series to its library has nearly reached 5,000 signatures. We already know that Netflix is open to hearing from fans via social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. A representative from Netflix advised fans that they can also use the request function to inquire about the title.


You can also voice your opinion in the comment section below if you would like Netflix to return One Tree Hill.


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