Will Season 1 of ‘Manifest’ be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-02-20 17:03:52

Manifest, the new big NBC drama is a rival to The Blacklist. The new series has got off to a great start on the network and if you’re wondering whether it’s coming to Netflix, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a look at whether season 1 of Manifest will be on Netflix.

The new drama from NBC sits with The Blacklist and other network shows to make it more competitive against its rivals, as well as Amazon Prime and Netflix. NBC’s been struggling against the streaming giants but has had a lot of success of the years with their comedy lineup. This was changed by The Blacklist and Manifest hopes to maintain the momentum.

This epic drama stars Melissa Roxburgh. It involves a plane that experiences turbulence, but when it finally touches down, the pilot discovers five years had passed. The series is reminiscent of The Leftovers, LOST and This is Us.

Netflix US: Is Manifest available?

Given how new the show is and that fact it’s still airing, longterm streaming plans have yet to be established for the show.

The show can be caught up on Hulu and NBC in the United States. Hulu would be the best long-term home of the show, since NBC owns a share in the streaming service. However, should the show’s episodes start leaving Hulu, this will suggest another streaming provider has acquired it.

If Netflix does pick up Manifest, don’t expect the first season to arrive until around September/October 2019 as NBC always drops new seasons before new seasons start to air on NBC.

Additional Netflix Regions

Unlike The Good Place and Good Girls, where Netflix picked up the shows as Netflix Originals, that hasn’t happened with Manifest. At this point, there are no indications of which streaming service or TV station will be carrying Manifest. It’s likely they’re waiting until the viewing figures are complete to see if it’s a worthy investment.

At the moment then, it looks as though you’ll have to hold out for Manifest on Netflix. We think Netflix might try to acquire the rights to the series if it becomes a huge success, like The Blacklist.

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