Will ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Come Back to Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-02-05 22:48:11

Many fans have been trying desperately to get Netflix to give the series back after it was removed from Netflix's streaming service on December 1. A series of tweets by the showrunner suggest its unlikely reappearance.

Let’s recap quickly. Sons of Anarchy is a Netflix original since 2011. Its first season dropped on Netflix all the way back in Netflix’s infancy in 2011. From that point on, the series has been getting new seasons every year until it's final season. The series was set to leave the network in 2018. We had predicted that it would depart at the end 2017 and November came around.

This entire series was deleted on December 1, 2018.

Why was the show cancelled?

Sons of Anarchy left Netflix because of Fox’s withdrawal from the service in 2017. All series on Fox and FX that aired in 2017 have been removed from Netflix. While some series are still available, Sons of Anarchy is not. It has survived for the longest time. It may have survived longer due to Netflix's extra year of Mayans M.C. promotion, the prequel series.

Fans quizzed the showrunner of SOA and Mayans about the topic.

Then he said that the rights will be retained by other platforms for a time.

Does this mean it’s not coming back?

This absolutely means that we’re highly unlikely to ever see Sons of Anarchy return to Netflix streaming. The streaming market is heating up and content will be split by increasingly more providers, with the final result often being worse than cable.

This also means that the prequel series, in case you haven’t twigged yet, will also not be coming to Netflix.

You can still rent boxsets from DVD.com for those living in the United States.

It's there. For the near future, Sons of Anarchy will no longer be available on Netflix US. Other regions are still continuing to stream the show but as Netflix constantly renews its library across the board, don’t expect it to stay forever.


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