Will ‘The Addams Family’ 2019 be Coming to Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-11-01 18:03:58

This year's release in cinemas is a remake of the 1991 classic horror and comic movie. The Netflix reboot of The Addams Family will be a success with a stellar voice cast and favorable reviews. Let’s take a look.

The animated movie takes The Addams Family's classic film and reinvents it for a younger audience. This animated title features Nick Kroll, Charlize Thon, Finn Wolfhard and Oscar Isaac as the voice actors. It’s clearly been a hit for the studio given its already been given a sequel in 2021.

This new film was released on the American theaters October 11, with international theatres starting to show it from October 25, in most cases.

The Addams Family will stream on Netflix USA.

Netflix does currently has an animation output deal from Universal Pictures which has seen all of Illumination Studio’s recent output arrive on Netflix US.

We’re not sure, however, whether The Addams Family will be covered under this existing arrangement. That’s because although the movie is distributed by Universal Pictures internationally, it’s distributed by United Artists Releasing in the US which is a collaboration between MGM and Annapurna.

We’re not aware of any output deals with streaming services at present which means Netflix will get to potentially bid for the title when the first-window rights come up for sale. It should take approximately 9 months to release the film in cinemas, so it will be available for sale around next Summer.

So the TL:DR of that is we’re not ultimately sure where the movie will stream meaning Netflix has a chance.

The Addams Family will stream internationally on Netflix in 2019

In the United Kingdom, Netflix does tend to get Universal Pictures titles after they stream on Sky’s NowTV service. That means we’re several years from catching this new movie on the service.

However, Universal Pictures Animated is available in other regions such as Canada and Australia. This will take place over several years.

We’ll let you know once we hear more on the streaming future of The Addams Family.


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