Will The CW’s ‘Stargirl’ Seasons 1-2 be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-10-17 11:55:08

Stargirl has moved to The CW, joining the DC Arrowverse. But will Stargirl's first season be available on Netflix? We now know the answer is no. Here’s why and where you can stream instead.

Over the last few years, the Arrowverse as well as the DC TV Universe have grown tremendously. After its debut on DC Universe, there are now six DC series on The CW. Stargirl has also joined the show. The lineup is soon set to include the likes of Superman & Lois in January 2021 and Swamp Thing that’s also moving over from DC Universe to The CW.

As you know, Netflix has a huge collection of DC TV series (at least in the US) from The CW including the likes of Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning.

Star Girl's first season debuted in May 2020 on DC Universe. Season 2 is now planned for 2021.

Stargirl will be available on Netflix USA.

Sadly, Stargirl is almost certainly not coming to Netflix in the United States and that’s despite Netflix carrying the majority of Arrowverse going into 2020.

All output of The CW was expected to be sold to Netflix in 2019 as part of a large deal. However, that ended. For all future The CW shows, they’ll be shopped individually but so far, most have gone to the provider’s own services whether that be CBS’s content to CBS All Access or Warner Brothers to HBO Max.

In the case of Stargirl, it’s slightly more complicated. You can watch the series right now on CW Seed and DC Universe, but it is likely that DC Universe will be integrated into HBO Max soon. This would make the show's new home permanent. We’ll let you know of any changes on this front in the future.

Like Batwoman (that’s also not headed to Netflix), however, you likely will get a glimpse of Stargirl on Netflix via the crossover episodes.

Stargirl will be available on Netflix worldwide.

We originally stated that it was unlikely Netflix would take over international distribution of Stargirl. Now we know this to be true.

Amazon Prime has quietly purchased the first season as of August 21, 2020. Future seasons are expected to appear in August 2020.

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