Will The CW’s ‘The Republic of Sarah’ be on Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2022-10-01 16:06:55

The Republic of Sarah is a new series from Jeffrey Paul King that debuts today on The CW. It comes from CBS Studios, among other things. As many of The CW’s slate is on Netflix, will The Republic of Sarah be coming to Netflix? It's unlikely. Let’s dig into why.

The drama stars Stella Baker and Luke Mitchell as well as Megan Follows, Izabella Avarez and Ian Duff. It follows the story of Greylock residents who face off against the mining company, which threatens their lives with the discovery of rare materials beneath their houses.

Netflix may not be able to bring The Republic of Sarah on its streaming platform

At this point, a permanent streaming home (outside of catchup availability via The CW’s Seed app) has yet to be announced. Before 2019, all of The CW’s slate used to come to Netflix in the US and many were licensed outside the US.

Since then, all of The CW’s slate has been divided up between HBO Max and Paramount+ (the parent companies of each own The CW 50/50). That’s despite the original report saying that each show would be shopped around. That could still be the case but it’s yet to happen.

It’s why we haven’t seen the likes of Batwoman or Stargirl come to Netflix. It’s also why we’re not expecting Superman & Lois, Walker or Kung Fu to turn up on Netflix either.

Instead, we’re expecting the show to rock up on Paramount+ or HBO Max. Both Paramount+ and HBO Max have featured titles like Nancy Drew.

Similar to The Republic of Sarah, what else can you watch on Netflix?

Of course, Netflix isn’t lacking in its own supply of teen dramas. From The CW they’ve had supernatural series such as The Originals, All American and Riverdale.

We’d also look at Netflix’s Grand Army, The Society, On My Block and The A-List.

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