Will ‘The Greatest Showman’ Come to Netflix?

Review Ethan / 2023-03-26 02:25:20

The Greatest Showman is the musical drama that Hugh Jackman played as P.T. Barnum. Barnum. It seemed like a good idea to check if this blockbuster hit will ever be streamed on Netflix.

This is Michael Gracy’s directorial debut and has been met with staggeringly positive reviews, even being nominated for an Oscar. The film follows the life and ambitions of Phineas Taylor Barnum, who rose up from absolutely nothing to create the very first circus, focussing on the weird and wonderful. The film is musical so it's no surprise that there's a great soundtrack with amazing musical and acrobatic talents.

Hugh Jackman plays Barnum with skill. He is joined by Zac Efron and Michelle Williams. If you aren’t particularly familiar with Barnum and what he was known for, we’ll give you a little bit more background detail to catch you up. In 1834 P.T., I moved to New York City. Soon he realized that people were fascinated by the human curiosity and strange. He bought a museum and started to display odd exhibitions to capture the intrigue and imagination of the public. For example the well known Feejee mermaid, a half monkey, half fish body. But the aspect that the film mostly focuses on is the so-called “freaks” and outcasts that Bartrum hires and brings together in fantastic performances.

Now to the question everyone is really interested in. Is The Greatest Showman coming to Netflix? It might not be easy to predict due to the current environment between Fox, Disney, and Netflix. But we’ll do our best by looking at the companies behind this project and some other aspects that might determine it’s arrival.

One of the main production companies behind this movie was Twenty Century Fox which has recently had its movie and TV assets bought by Disney. In the light of Disney also announcing the imminent arrival of their own streaming service it’s unclear whether FOX films like ‘The Greatest Showman’ will be brought to that opposed to sites like Netflix and Hulu.

Despite this, at the moment we can say it’s about 50/50 chance that ‘The Greatest Showman’ will come to Netflix. If it happens, we'd expect to see the show on Netflix by early summer 2019.

Of course, we will keep this article updated if there any significant changes that could affect the likeliness of The Greatest Showman coming to Netflix in the future. We recommend that you bookmark this article.

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