Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 6 Ending

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This sixth episode of season four's 'Yellowstone’ explores the conflicts between Lloyd and Walker, as well as the tension at the bunkhouse. John, who once again displays his charm and wisdom, teaches the ranchers important lessons.

In another episode, Jamie faces off with Garrett in the impending confrontation that culminates into a surprising heel turn. You can find all the episodes of "Yellowstone" season 4, episode 6, and some details about the gritty Western ending. SPOILERS BELOW!

Yellowstone Season 6 Episode 6: Recap

Episode 6, titled "I Want to Be Him", opens with Jimmy learning the trade slowly at the Four Sixes Ranch. One young girl learns from her father that her horse collection has been taken by someone on the Broken Rock Reservation. Kayce helps Chief Rainwater locate the horses. Beth arrives at John’s cabin to search for Summer. Beth believes Summer is an intrusion and threats her, only to have John enter the cabin to reveal that they were there together. Beth invites John to breakfast with her, and she becomes intimidating for Summer.

Monica and Kayce sign the contract for their new home and start unpacking. John pulls Summer toward the town. John takes a break on his way to tend to a cow that had been separated from the herd. Summer gets a glimpse of John through this incident. John takes her with him while she goes on her way. Jamie makes Garrett surrender to her and demanded an explanation for the Duttons attacks.

Lloyd is more interested in spending his free time with Carter than he is staying at the bunkhouse. Walker, the most senior ranch hand, returns to the bunkhouse and sees Walker leading a peaceful life with the others. Walker becomes angry and destroys Walker's guitar. They then have a verbal fight. Lloyd throws a knife towards Walker. It hits Walker right in the heart. Mia makes a decision to get out of the bunkhouse, and head for the open road. Walker gets treated by the doctor while John and Rip discuss ways to improve the situation at their bunkhouse. John instructs Rip not to interfere in the fight and makes an example of any man who is left.

Yellowstone Season 4. Episode 6: John kicks out Lloyd and Walker.

John finally makes amends for his previous mistake and has the bunkhouse no-girls rule restored. Rip requests Teeter, Laramie and Laramie leave the bunkhouse but learns that Mia was already gone. John may also be planning to kick out Lloyd and Walker. They fight and each end up very exhausted. Lloyd is the man who started this conflict with his bad personality. Lloyd wins again and Rip has to win. This serves as an example for anyone thinking of violating the Ranch's rules.

John, however, does not end up kicking out Lloyd and Walker. The fight between the two men helps them to get over their mutual dislike. Fighting serves to communicate between the men and they eventually reach an understanding. John is bold in his move, and the result is yet another example of how he is such an experienced rancher. It also gives viewers a Western beatingdown that they will enjoy. John's wisdom has a profound impact on Carter, who hopes to one day be the Dutton patriarch.

Garett's Hit on Duttons Order:

One patriarch believes that transparency is the best way to handle things, while the other prefers manipulation. Garrett discusses his motivations for ordering the Duttons hit. Jamie claims the Duttons are his family. He denies this and stresses that they were never. Jamie's father believes morals, like Jamie to John, are just a means to an ends. Garrett claims that Jamie was wronged by the Duttons and that he attempted to kill them for his love.

Jamie is moved to tears by Garrett's response and embraces him. Jamie is now siding with Garrett. He, though acting out of love, clearly has an agenda. He is manipulating Jamie, and is projecting hatred on John. Jamie on the contrary, has never witnessed someone go so far as to commit murder for him and views it as his father's love.


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