‘You’ Season 2: Netflix Release & What We Know So Far

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You season 2 will return to Netflix at the end of this year. It is available worldwide on the 26th of December. Here’s a complete rundown on everything you need to know about season 2 of You on Netflix.

You is a Netflix Original Thriller series based on the novel of the same name. You was created by Caroline Kepnes and debuted in America on Lifetime. The production of the initial season was done by Lifetime, but Netflix is now solely responsible.

This story is about Joe Goldberg, a book store manager who falls in love with Guinevere Beck. Joe meets Beck, decides she's the woman of his dreams and will do anything to make her happy. With a deadly obsession comes a deadly motivation and it’s not long before those that stand in between Joe’s love for Beck enter the firing line.

What is the date of season 2?

A poster was dropped in November 2019 for You Season 2, which confirmed that the second season will air on Netflix December 26, 2019.

Official confirmation was made on November 11, with the second season confirmed for release on December 26, 2019.

Is Your Netflix subscription renewed for Season 2?

Official Netflix Renewal Status - Officially renewed (last update: 28 December 2019).

It’s important to look back at where the show came from. You wasn’t originally intended to be a Netflix Original. It was instead a Lifetime show. Lifetime already had season 1 of You released in September 2018, to a very small audience. Lifetime immediately renewed the series. It sounds great, right? Well, not quite. Lifetime made the quick decision to end the series and other scripted programs in order to concentrate on movie productions. That’s where Netflix comes in.

Netflix acquired the series as a Global Original on December 26, 2015. They also released the first season of the series to the public.

Season 2 production began with the reading of the first table.

The second season of YOU: What can you expect?

Joe Goldberg, who had murdered Guinevere Beck, his former lover of life has left New York to seek new pastures in Los Angeles. It’s not long before Joe finds his new obsession in aspiring chef and health guru Love Quinn. But with Joe’s past constantly looking over his shoulder how can he hide his troubled past from his new flame?

The bodies left behind in New York won’t stay hidden forever, but will exploits in New York follow him all the way to California?

Shay Mitchell in YOU season 1

With Joe’s ex Candace also waiting in the wings, what does she know of his past? Is Candace meant to have died as the media led us to believe? Or is it a coincidence of fate that Candace has become obsessed with Joe. Any obstacle in Joe’s way is surely not safe and we can expect the body count to rise further.

We’ve been told to expect a much darker season going into season 2. The showrunner stated in an interview that:

“I would say that season 2 of You, kind of, doubles down on some of the stuff that you might come to expect.”

What cast members are there for Season 2?

We are not sure which cast members will return, as Joe will have to leave New York City. Assuming Joe’s past will return to haunt him we fully expect some cast members to reprise their roles. Season 2 will feature the following cast members:

Penn Badgley is Joe Goldberg

  • Victoria Pendetti as Love Quinn
  • Candace by Ambyr Childers
  • Jenna Ortega is Ellie
  • James Scully is Forty Quinn
  • Robin Lord Taylor is the Will

Now let’s move onto some of the new cast members announced for season 2 of You.

The first big new cast announcement came in January 2019 with the announcement that one of the actresses that starred in Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House would be playing the role of Love Quinn.

In March 2019, Charlie Bennett who appeared in Netflix’s Russian Doll was confirmed to be joining the cast for season 2.

Season 2 of You will feature James Scully, an actor from Heathers. Jenna Ortega, Jane the Virgin's star, has been cast as season 2. Both roles have been revealed.

Ambry Childers was also promoted to series regular status and will return as Candace.

Will season 2’s plot of You be based on the sequel novel Hidden Bodies?

Fans of the show that haven’t read the novel of which the series is based upon won’t have realized that there are significant differences between the novel and the TV series. As we’ve already established Joe is leaving New York and heading to Los Angeles for pastures new. Hidden Bodies' base story is this: Joe tries to escape his past, which includes Guinevere Beck's murder and other trauma.

Although the tv series has diverted from the book, we expect it to draw a lot from the sequel novel.

Is production already underway on Season 2 of You?

On the 15th February, the first table readings began!

Let's hear what the fans think about season 2.

What number of episodes is there in season 2?

The official episode count has yet to be revealed. We expect the second season to be similar, as most Netflix series have 10 episodes. Each episode should last approximately 60 minutes.

Do you have a trailer of season 2?

The trailer has yet to be revealed, but you can look forward to a teaser in the near future.


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