‘You’ Season 4: Netflix Renews Ahead of Season 3 Release

Review Ethan / 2022-09-17 19:24:32

Netflix announced that it had greenlit You for the fourth season, less than 48 hours prior to You season 3.

Announced ahead of time of its season 3 release, Netflix has revealed that we’ll be seeing more of You in the near future with the renewal of its fourth season.

The news was announced by Netflix via social media. It’s a huge surprise that Netflix has chosen to announce the news before season 3 lands, however many millions of fans around the world will be happy with the news.

Just like Lucifer, and Cobra Kai, You has been one of the most successful continuations in Netflix’s history. You became a sensation after Netflix bought the rights worldwide to streaming in December 2018. The original season premiered on Lifetime September 2018

Netflix was bound to keep the series going for another season. It's also extremely popular. Netflix is likely to have predicted that season 3, which has been a huge hit among subscribers, will be just as popular. This opens the door for season 4.

Were you expecting the fourth season?

Until we’ve binged all of You season 3 we can’t even begin to speculate on what to expect from the next season!

Season 4 of You is it the last season?

All we know for now is that Netflix has renewed You for its fourth season, but the fact it hasn’t been announced as the “final” season heavily suggests we could see even more of You in the future.

However, given the story of You we are of the opinion that the series shouldn’t progress beyond a fifth season. It’s always better to go out on a high than outstay your welcome.

What date is The You Season 4 due to release?

Netflix hasn’t included any mention of a release date with the renewal announcement. However, given the track record of the show’s previous production schedule, we’d almost expect to see season 4 of You on Netflix before the end of 2022.

Is it a good thing that You was renewed for the fourth season? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!


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