‘Young Wallander’ Season 2: Everything We Know Ahead of February 2022 Release Date

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Season 2 of Young Wallander is coming back in February 2022. Although reviews have been mixed about the series, it was deemed to be a hit and will continue for another season. Here’s the latest on everything we know so far about season 2 of Young Wallander.

The series' basis is the Hennig Mankell franchise, which was previously adapted into the BBC series Wallander.

Just a few months after its September 2020 debut, the show was renewed in November 2020. With that super quick renewal, you may have thought that we would’ve got the second season in 2021 (Deadline even reported that would be the case) but that’s not come to pass.

The success of Young Wallander is evident in Sweden, where the song remained in the Top 10 for 35 consecutive days. The series also did well in the Nordic countries. The series was not in the Top 10s in America for more than three days, while it did appear in the Top Tens in Great Britain for eight.

On January 18th, 2022 Netflix unveiled season 2 which will be going under the subtitle of Young Wallander: Killer’s Shadow.

Below is the new teaser.

“Is it possible to go back after you thought you’d left everything behind? Kurt Wallander will dive into a new case in Young Wallander: Killer’s Shadow”

Young Wallander Season 2: What can you expect?

Thanks to a press release sent to the Swedish outlet Moviezine from Adam Pålsson he revealed several things about the new season.

He translated the sentence to English and told the outlet:

“I think the new case will be more lively, more exciting and even more gripping. We go further and the story widens when we get to know Reza, Rask, Mona and other characters even more. It is as if we have found a home: We know the universe and the characters better, we know which color palette we should paint with and with which touch”

young wallander new on netflix september 2020

We’ll have a new boss taking over the reins of the serious crimes unit which brings Kurt Wallander back into the fold (more on the casting of this character below).

Season 2: Wallander agrees to return, and is assigned the simple task of solving an incident involving contagion outside of a nightclub.

What number of episodes are in Young Wallander season 2?

Season 2 will feature six new episodes. We don't know the runtimes, but we do know that Mani Maserrat and Jens Jonsson will be directing episodes of season 2.

Who’s returning and new in Young Wallander’s season 2 cast?

Only Adam Pålsson and Yasen Atour (who plays Kurt Wallander and Reza Al-Rahman respectively) are both confirmed to return for season 2 of Wallander so far.

Young Wallander Season 2 has a number of cast members.

new cast members for young wallander season 2

Season 2 will see Tomiwa Edun play Samuel Osei. Edun has had various roles over the years including playing Eddie in Netflix’s What Happened to Monday. He’s also had roles in Doctor Who, Cinderella, and Merlin. Samuel, as mentioned earlier will be the new boss and take over management of the unit responsible for serious criminal offenses.

We also have Lisa Hammond, who will be playing Roberta Modin on the new season. Hammond is well-known for her roles on titles such as EastEnders or Vera.

young wallander season 2 netflix shot

Young Wallander season 2 – Picture: Yellowbird

Wallander Season 2 will be available on Netflix when?

It will return in February 2022. Specifically, all of season 2 (again dubbed as Killer’s Shadow) will touch down onto Netflix on February 17th, 2022.

For hardcore Young Wallander fans we’d recommend you check out some of the extras Netflix’s Still Watching Netflix has uploaded over the past year or so. This interview features cast members discussing their experiences on set.

It’s also worth noting that Yellowbird, the production company behind Young Wallander are working on their next major Netflix project in the form of Spotify Untold.

Do you look forward to Young Wallander season 2? Comment below.


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